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Products of Meat Industry IMEL, Ljubinje

In its product range Imel Ltd is producing finished products from the finest red and poultry meat. Products made in our plant facilities are characterized by high nutritional values, quality proccesing with tastes of products adapted to a wide group of consumers.

From 2010. IMEL Ltd in its product range, with facilities of 3400m2, is producing finished products of renowned European brands as well as labels of famous European retail chains.

During 2013. IMEL Ltd has invested in extention of its product capacities, wich resulted in lanching of mortadela production under the brand QUEEN ITALIANA.

Finished products are divided into the following groups:

Fermented dry sausages

  • Kulen
  • Tea sausage

Dry sausages are packed in different forms and package starting from 300 gr, 330 gr, 480 gr, 500 gr, 600 gr package, all to accommodate the needs of our customers.

Heet processed sausages

I)Nicely chopped cooked sausages

  • Chicken special
  • Chicken hot dog

Nicely chopped cooked sausages are filled in casings of different sizes starting from fi 22 (chicken hot dog) to fi 45,70 and 90 filled with chicken special sausages. Packings for chicken hot dogs are from 100 gr to 750 gr, and for chicken special sausages from 350 gr, 800 gr, to 2500 gr.

II) Roughly chopped cooked sausages

  • Krainer sausage with cheese
  • Krainer sausage
  • Mortadela
  • Mortadela with olives
  • Pizza ham
  • Ham in casing

Roughly chopped sausages are exclusively made from pork meat.

Meat jelly - heet processed meat

  • Tlačenka

Semi-dried smoked fermented products

  • Smoked ham
  • Smoked rolled shoulder
  • Deli fried ham
    • Smoked meat products are made from the finest parts of pork meat.

      Bacons - semi-dried cooked sausage

      • Hamburg bacon
      • Double bacon

      The whole tehnological process is carried out in a high tehnolological level, according to quality control system ISO 22000:2005 as well as HACCP standard.

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